Professional Experience

Mr. Hashimoto is the Senior Manager of our Electric and Mechanical Group. His practice encompasses patent prosecution in the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, optics and software. Mr. Hashimoto has particular expertise in the areas of connectors, communication devices, electric power systems, automotive parts, semiconductor manufacturing devices and social networking systems. Prior to joining SUGIMURA, Mr. Hashimoto was a researcher for 9 years at NTT Corporation, where he made a study of spectroscopic technique, physical properties of glass and quantum information processing technology, such as quantum cryptographic communication and quantum memory. He also created five academic papers related to these researches.


Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


M.S., Quantum Optics, Kyoto University
B.S., Quantum Optics, Kyoto University

Practice Areas

Patent Prosecution (Quantum Optics, Spectroscopic Technique, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering)




-“Cooling an optical fiber to 4.5 K by indirect thermal contact with a liquid-helium flow and spectroscopic temperature measurements,” Daisuke Hashimoto and Kaoru Shimizu, Review of Scientific Instruments 79, 093102 (2008).
-“Population relaxation induced by the Boson peak mode observed in optical hyperfine spectroscopy of 167Er3+ ions doped in a silicate glass fiber,” Daisuke Hashimoto and Kaoru Shimizu, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 28, 2227 (2011).
-“Investigating the Properties of Glasses Using High Resolution Spectroscopy of Er3+ Ions,” Daisuke Hashimoto and Kaoru Shimizu, NTT Technical Review, vol. 12, No. 9 (2014), pp. 1-5.
-“Pairwise quantum correlation formed in an ensemble of atomic two-level systems storing squeezed light,” K. Shimizu and D. Hashimoto, Phys. Rev. A 79, 062312 (2009).
-“Coherent Raman beat analysis of the hyperfine sublevel coherence properties of 167Er3+ ions doped in an Y2SiO5 crystal,” K. Shimizu and D. Hashimoto, Journal of Luminescence, vol. 171, pp. 183-190 (2016).