Professional Experience

Mr. Sugimura is a Managing Partner of SUGIMURA & Partners. His practice encompasses consultation to dispute resolution, in areas of intellectual property laws and adjacent areas, including trade secrets, information technology, privacy act and media/entertainment. Prior to assuming his position as the Managing Partner of SUGIMURA & Partners, Mr. Sugimura worked as an associate lawyer at Nishimura & Asahi. He has also served as a Legislative Affairs Officer at the General Affairs Division of the Japan Patent Office, acting in a primary role in the revision of the Patent Act, the employee invention system. Mr. Sugimura, based on the experience as the Legislative officer at JPO, has authored several articles on Japanese IP practice, with particular focus on employee invention.


Daiichi Tokyo BAR Association
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


The University of Tokyo, School of Law (J.D.)
The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law
Corporate Law
Trade Secret
Information Technology
Privacy Act



Committee Membership and Research, etc.

Japan Patent Office, Research and Study Committee 2016; Review of Industrial Property Rights System; Committee Member
Research Topic: “Issues relating to Distinctiveness of Trademarks: Perspectives on Certification Marks and Trademarks Definitions” (2016-2017)
⇒Research Report

Japan Patent Office, Research and Study Committee 2013; Review of Industrial Property Rights System; Supervising Editor
Research Topic: “The Current State of the Exclusive License System” (2014)
⇒Research Report

Japan Patent Office, Research and Study Committee 2013; Review of Industrial Property Rights System; Observer
Research Topic: “Issues and solutions for business regarding operation of systems based on Article 35 of the Japan Patents Act” (2013-2014)
⇒Research Report


“New Commentary of the Patent Act, vol. 3, 2nd edition”
Seirin Shoin, Co-Authored 2017

“Practical Commentary on the Employee Invention System as Reformed in 2015”
Shojihoumu, Co-Authored 2016

“The Commentary on the Industrial Property Law (The 2014 Revisions to the Patent Act and Other Acts)”
Law & Technology, Co-Authored 2014

“Intellectual Property Law, 5th edition”
Kobundo Publishers, Co-Authored 2013

Articles (including co-authored)

“A comparison of healthtech regulatory issues in North Asia: Japan”
Asia Business Law Journal 2024

”Japan’s IP trends in the age of distributed economic and knowledge activities”
The Patent Lawyer July/August 2023, p. 60, 2023

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“Survey Report on the State of Licensing of Broadcasting and Merchandising Rights in the Professional Baseball and Football Industries – Bridging Commerce and Law”
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“Practice on Employee Invention System as Reformed”
Economic Research and Study Association, October 2017

“How to Draft Usable Offensive/Defensive Intellectual Property Contracts”
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Central Region Branch, December 2016

“Practical Commentary on the Employee Invention System (Patent Act 35) as Reformed”
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“Commentary on the Practical Effects of the 2015 Revision of the Patent Act (Employee Invention) and Others” Nishimura & Asahi Legal Forum, September, 2015