Takuhiro FUKAZU

Professional Experience

Apr 2001 CAC Corporation
Sep 2008 Attorney at Law (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Dec 2008 Nishimura & Asahi
May 2014 Legislative Affairs Office, General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Japan Patent Office
Aug 2017 Westerman Hattori Daniels & Adrian, LLP, Washington D.C. (Trainee)
May 2018 Passed the examination for regstration to practice before USPTO (not registered)
Jun 2018 Admitted to the state bar in California
May 2019 Sugimura & Partners
June 2019 Patent Attorney (Japan Patent Attorneys Association)


Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association
The State Bar of California
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


The University of Tokyo (B.S.)
The University of Tokyo (M.S.)
The George Washington University Law School (LL.M.)

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law
Corporate Law
Trade Secret
Information Technology
Privacy Act



Articles (inclusive of co-authored articles)

“A Guide to the Partial Revision of the Japanese Copyright Law” Koubundou (Co-authored), 2010
“Legal Practice in the Age of Cloud Computing” Shojihomu (Co-authored), 2011
“Medical Cloud Computing: A Legal Perspective” Innervision Co.(Co-authored), 2012
“Lawyers and Trust Systems Underpinning Sustainable Society”  KOUBUNDOU Publishers Inc. (Co-authored), 2012
“Practical Problems for Law relating to Cloud Computing” Shojihoumu (Co-Authored), 2012
“Intellectual Property Law, 5th edition” Kobundo Publishers(Co-Authored), 2013
“The Act for Partial Amendments to the Patent Act – Development of the Intellectual Property System that is Easy-to-Use for Small Businesses with International Harmonization” Garyu-sha, 2014
“Legal Study Report concerning Discussion on Legal Issues assuming the Revision of the Broadcast Act in 2014” (Co-authored), 2014
“Summary of the Revision of Relevant Government Ordinances and Ministerial Ordinances Accompanying Effectuation of the Act for Partial Amendments to the Patent Act” Shojihomu, 2015
“New Financial Methods, 2nd edition” Kinzai (Co-authored), 2015
“Practical Tips for 2015 Reform of the Employee Invention System” Shojihomu  (Co-authored), 2015
“Practical Commentary on the Employee Invention System as Reformed in 2015” Shojihomu (Co-authored), 2016
“Legal Study Report for Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) concerning the Viewer Receiving-Fee System for the coming generation” (Co-authored), 2016
“Corporate Counselor No.21 Employee Invention Rights Pivot” (Co-authored), 2016
“Inventing on the job; who holds the rights?” Globe Business Publishing Ltd (Co-authored), 2016
“Practical Law Global Guide 2016/17 : IP in business transactions” Japan Chapter (Co-authored), 2016
“Explanation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act” Shojihomu, 2018
“Revisions to Copyright Act and Unfair Competition Prevention Act” Globe Business Publishing Ltd, (Co-authored) 2018


“Commentary on the Practical Effects of the 2015 Revision of the Patent Act (Employee Invention) and Others” Nishimura & Asahi Legal Forum, 2015
“Employee Invention System Reform, Practical Commentary and Q&A by Legislative Affairs Officer of JPO” Economic Research and Study Association, 2016
“Regulating Fin Tech in Asia, Global Contexts, Local Perspectives” Kyushu University, 2018