Yamato OKANO

Professional Experience

Mr. Okano is the Director of our Electric Mechanical and Information Division. His practice encompasses patent prosecution in the electrical engineering, software, mechanical engineering, and alternative energy fields. Mr. Okano has particular expertise in the areas of cellular phones, antenna technology, display panels for automobiles, cameras, transmissions, capacitors, social networking systems, and security software. Prior to joining SUGIMURA, Mr. Okano was a senior coordinator at Panasonic Corporation where he handled patent and trademark matters to include searching, prosecution, licensing, and litigation. He is the inventor of two patents relating to computer simulations regarding alternative energy.


Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


M.S., Open and Environmental Systems, Keio University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Keio University

Practice Areas

Patent Prosecution (Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)




– “Free-energy Calculation of Structure-H Hydrates,” The journal of Chemical Physics, Vol.124 (2006)
– “Thermodynamic Simulations of Isobaric Hydrate-Forming Operations: Formulation of Computational Scheme and its Application to Hydrate Formation from a Methane + Ethane + Propane Mixture,” Energy & Fuels, June 2005