SUGIMURA was founded as “SUGIMURA International Patent & Trademark Attorneys” in 1923 by Japanese patent attorney and engineer, Nobuchika Sugimura. Prior to founding SUGIMURA, Nobuchika was an engineer within the research and development department of what is currently Toshiba Corporation.

In 1925, Nobuchika assisted Dr. Hidetsugu Yagi in securing a patent for the “YAGI-Uda Antenna. Dr. Yagi is listed among the ten Japanese great inventors by the Japan Patent Office for this very invention.

In 1943, Nobuchika became the first chairman of the Japanese Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA), the professional association of more than 9,000 patent attorneys practicing in intellectual property law in Japan. Nobuchika helped shape the formative years of the JPAA, which has become a foundation in Japanese patent activity.

In 1961, Nobuchika was awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal by the Emperor of Japan for all his contributions as a patent attorney. This award is given to a select 900 people a year for their achievements in public interest. They are honored as role models of society.

SUGIMURA’s legacy endures with our commitment to quality patent protection, prompt service, and competitive rates. In 2006, Kenji Sugimura, grand son of the founder, took an initiative of the firm, and SUGIMURA has expanded its size along with steady growth of business. The firm’s size and structure allow us to tailor our services and put forward the best team possible for each client.

Most recently, as of March 1, 2017, Koji Sugimura, attorney at law, Kenji’s son, joined his farther’s firm, and with this addition, SUGIMURA has gained, for the first time in its long lasting history, capability for handling legal works including law suits, evolving into an intellectual property law firm, “SUGIMURA & Partners”.